The Establishment Of Turkish Studies Program At The University Of Toronto

Toronto Başkonsolosluğu 29.07.2013

Dear Distinguished Member of the Turkish Canadian Community,

A landmark initiative for establishing the Turkish Studies Program at University of Toronto has been launched to foster the profile of Turkish heritage in Canada. To ensure the success of this Program, it is critical to recruit the best faculty and the most talented graduate students from all over the world.

The Turkish Community in Toronto, along with the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey, has embarked on an ambitious fundraising campaign. The support of the Turkish Canadian Community isparamount for this Project to triumph.We are counting on your generosity and willingness to join the countless distinguished donors and sponsors in making this project a resounding success.

In celebration of this worthy project, a receptionwill beheld on Saturday evening, September 21, 2013 between 1730 and 1930 hrs at the University of Toronto’s renowned Faculty Club (41 Willcocks Street). The evening will be decorated by the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, His Excellency Dr. Tuncay Babalı as the Guest of Honor and the Consul General of Toronto,Ali Rıza Güney.

We appreciate your generous contributions and look forward to seeing you in September.

Please refer to the attached forms detailing donations and sponsorships information.

With our sincere regards,

Turkish Studies Project Team

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